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SALES, SALES, SALES! UnCage Your Sales in 2021


Are you ASKING for the MONEY?

FEAR has set into to so many freaking Entrepreneurs!

Do you have a challenge asking for the money, for YOUR services? I know when I first got started, I could EASILY sell, someone else's products and services. But, selling my own? I would FREEZE in the middle of the close! My old thought patterns of I am not good enough, would pipe in!

If you are a coach, 2021 is your YEAR! People NEED YOU!!! Marriages, NEED YOU! Kids / Parents NEED YOU! People NEED your help on Health and Wellness. PEOPLE NEED YOU!

In this episode, SHARE it with a friend or two, that is challenged by SELLING!

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UnCage Your Money! UnCage Your VOICE!

Heather Havenwood

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Heather Ann Havenwood, Award Winning Media Mogul, she is the founder of the "Influencer Growth Academy" along with being the Chief Visionary of 'Influencer Tribe' A Female-Centric Entrepreneurial Community. Author of the top selling book: SEXY BOSS™: How Female Empowerment is Changing the Rulebook in Business.  She was recognized by The Stevie Awards as 'The Most Innovative Woman of the Year - in Social Media for 2020', named 'Top Media Mogul 2020' by the Woman of Achievement Association for her work with women.  From making her first dollar online back in 2001; Heather Ann is now on a life legacy Mission: To Help 10,000 Women to Start, Launch and Grow a Six-Figure Consulting, Expert and Influencer business online.  She whole heartily believes that every woman is an Influencer and a Leader, and it is time for their VOICE to be UnCAGED, to be heard, to Shine and to EARN Six-Figures and beyond! 

Podcast Hostess of 'Heather Havenwood - UnCaged' Insights with Influencers, Amazon LIVE Show Hostess 'Sexy Boss Reviews', Named by Huffington Post as Top Female Entrepreneur to Watch, and Founder of the Non-Profit Female Business Association.